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Part I Listening Comprehension
Section A
1. A) The man hates to lend his tools to other people.
B) The man hasn’t finished working on the bookshelf.
C) The tools have already been returned to the woman.
D) The tools the man borrowed from the woman are missing.
2. A) Give the ring to a policeman.
B) Wait for the owner of the ring in the rest room.
C) Hand in the ring to the security office.
D) Take the ring to the administration building.
3. A) Save time by using a computer.
B) Buy her own computer
C) Borrow Martha’s computer.
D) Stay home and complete her paper
4. A) The man doesn’t have money for his daughter’s graduate studies.
B) The man doesn’t think his daughter will get a business degree.
C) The man insists that his daughter should pursue her studies in science.
D) The man advises his daughter to think carefully before making her decision.
5. A) The cinema is some distance away from where they are.
B) He would like to read the film review in the newspaper.
C) They should wait to see the movie at a later time.
D) He’ll find his way to the cinema.
6. A) He’s been to Seattle many times.
B) He has chaired a lot of conferences.
C) He has a high position in his company.
D) He lived in Seattle for many years.
7. A) Teacher and student.
B) Doctor and patient. .
C) Manager and office worker.
D) Travel agent and customer
8. A) She knows the guy who will give the lecture .
B) She thinks the lecture might be informative
C) She wants to add something to her lecture .
D) She’ll finished her report this weekend
9. A) An art museum.        B) A beautiful park.
C) A college campus       D) An architectural exhibition
10. A) The houses for sale are of poor quality
B) The houses are too expensive for the couple to buy
C) The housing developers provide free trips for potential buyers
D) The man is unwilling to take a look at the houses for sale
Section B
Passage 1
11. A) Synthetic fuel        B) Solar energy
C) Alcohol             D) Electricity
12. A) Air traffic conditions     B) Traffic jams on highways
C) Road conditions         D) New traffic rules
13. A) Go through a health check       B) Carry little luggage
C) Arrive early for boarding        D) Undergo security checks
Passage 2
14. A) In a fast-food restaurant       B) At a shopping center
C) At a county fair              D) In a bakery
15. A) Avoid eating any food
B) Prepare the right type of pie to eat
C) Wash his hands thoroughly
D) Practice eating a pie quickly
16. A) On the table          B) Behind his back
C) Under his bottom      D) On his lap
17. A) Looking sideways to see how fast your neighbor eats.
B) Eating from the outside toward the middle
C) Swallowing the pie with water
D) Holding the pie in the right position
Passage 3
18. A) Beauty            B) Loyalty
C) Luck             D) Durability
19. A) He wanted to follow the tradition of his country
B) He believed that it symbolized an everlasting marriage
C) It was thought a blood vessel in that finger led directly to the heart
D) It was supposed that the diamond on that finger would bring good luck
20. A) The two people can learn about each other’s likes and dislikes
B) The two people can have time to decide if they are a good match
C) The two people can have time to shop for their new home.
D) The two people can earn enough money for their wedding
Part II Reading Comprehension
Passage 1
Is there enough oil beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (保护区) (ANWR) to help secure America’s energy future ? President Bush certainly thinks so. He has argued that tapping ANWR’s oil would help ease California’s electricity crisis and provide a major boost to the country’s energy independence. But no one knows for sure how much crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth with the last government survey, conducted in 1998, projecting output anywhere from 3 billion to 16 billion barrels.
The oil industry goes with the high end of the range, which could equal as much as 10% of U.S. consumption for as long as six years. By pumping more than 1 million barrels a day from the reserve for the next two three decades, lobbyists claim, the nation could cut back on imports equivalent to all shipments to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. Sounds good. An oil boom would also mean a multibillion-dollar windfall(意外之财)in tax revenues, royalties(开采权使用费)and leasing fees for Alaska and the Federal Government. Best of all, advocates of drilling say , damage to the environment would be insignificant . “We’ve never had a document case of oil rig chasing deer out onto the pack ice.” says Alaska State Representative Scott Ogan .
Not so far, say environmentalists. Sticking to the low end of government estimates, the National Resources Defense Council says there may be no more than 3.2 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil in the coastal plain of ANWR, a drop in the bucket that would do virtually nothing to ease America’s energy problems. And consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits, because drilling could begin only after much bargaining over leases, environmental permits and regulatory review. As for ANWR’s impact on the California power crisis, environmentalists point out that oil is responsible for only 1% of the Golden State’s electricity output – and just 3% of the nation’s.
21. What does President Bush think of tapping oil in ANWR?
A) It will exhaust the nation’s oil reserves.
B) It will help secure the future of ANWR.
C) It will help reduce the nation’s oil imports
D) It will increase America’s energy consumption
22. We learn from the second paragraph that the American oil industry _______
A) believes that drilling for oil in ANWR will produce high yields
B) tends to exaggerate America’s reliance on foreign oil
C) shows little interest in tapping oil in ANWR
D) expects to stop oil imports from Saudi Arabia 
23. Those against oil drilling in ANWR argue that _________
A) it can cause serious damage to the environment
B) it can do little to solve U.S. energy problems
C) it will drain the oil reserves in the Alaskan region
D) it will not have much commercial value
24. What do the environmentalists mean by saying “Not so fast” (Line 1, Para .3)?
A) Oil exploitation takes a long time
B) The oil drilling should be delayed
C) Don’t be too optimistic
D) Don’t expect fast returns
25. It can be learned from the passage that oil exploitation beneath ANWR’s frozen earth ______.
A) remains a controversial issue
B) is expected to get under way soon
C) involves a lot of technological problems
D) will enable the U.S. to be oil independent
Passage 2
   “Tear ‘em apart!”  “Kill the fool!” “ Murder the referee ( 裁判)!”
These are common remarks one may hear at various sporting events. At the time they are made, they may seem innocent enough. But let’s not kid ourselves. They have been known to influence behavior in such a way as to lead to real bloodshed. Volumes have been written about the way words affect us .It has been shown that words having certain connotations (含义)  may cause us to react in ways quite foreign to what we consider to be our usual humanistic behavior . I see the term “opponent “ as one of those words . Perhaps the time has come to delete it from sports terms.
The dictionary meaning of the term “opponent “is “adversary “:“enemy “; “one who opposes your interests.” “Thus, when a player meets an opponent, he or she may tend to treat that opponent as an enemy. At such times, winning may dominate one’s intellect, and every action, no matter how gross, may be considered justifiable. I recall an incident in a handball game when a referee refused a player’s request for a time out for a glove change because he did not considered then wet enough. The player proceeded to rub his gloves across his wet T-shirt and then exclaimed. “Are they wet enough now?”
In the heat of battle, players have been observed to throw themselves across the court without considering the consequences that such a move might have on anyone in their way. I have also witnessed a player reacting to his opponent’s international and illegal blocking by deliberately hitting him with the ball as hard as he could during the course of play. Off the court, they are good friends. Does that make any sense? It certainly gives proof of a court attitude which departs from normal behavior.
Therefore, I believe it is time we elevated(提升)the game to the level where it belongs thereby setting an example to the rest of the sporting world . Replacing the term “opponent “with “associate” could be an ideal way to start.
The dictionary meaning of the term “associate “ is “colleague” ; “friend” ; “companion.” Reflect a moment! You may soon see and possibly feel the difference in your reaction to the term “associate” rather than “opponent.”
26. Which of the following statements best expresses the author’s view?
A) Aggressive behavior in sports can have serious consequences
B) The words people use can influence their behavior
C) Unpleasant words in sports are often used by foreign athletes
D) Unfair judgments by referees will lead to violence on the sports field
27. Harsh words are spoken during games because the players _______
A) are too eager to win
B) are usually short-tempered and easily offended
C) cannot afford to be polite in fierce competition
D) treat their rivals as enemies
28. What did the handball player do when he was not allowed a time out to change his gloves?
A) He refused to continue the game
B) He angrily hit the referee with a ball
C) He claimed that the referee was unfair
D) He wet his gloves by rubbing them across his T-shirt
29. According to the passage, players, in a game , may _______
A) deliberately throw the ball at anyone illegally blocking their way
B) keep on screaming and shouting throughout the game
C) lie down on the ground as an act of protest
D) kick the ball across the court with force
30. The author hopes to have the current situation in sports improved by ______
A) calling on players to use clean language on the court
B) raising the referee’s sense of responsibility
C) changing the attitude of players on the sports field
D) regulating the relationship between players and referees
Passage 3
Consumers are being confused and misled by the hodge-podge (大杂烩) of environmental claims made by household products, according to a “green labeling” study published by Consumers International Friday .
   Among the report’s more outrageous (令人无法容忍的) findings-a German fertilizer described itself as “ earthworm friendly” a brand of flour said it was “non-polluting” and a British toilet paper claimed to be “environmentally friendlier”
   The study was written and researched by Britain’s National Consumer Council (NCC) for lobby group Consumer International. It was funded by the German and Dutch governments and the European Commission.
“ While many good and useful claims are being made , it is clear there is a long way to go in ensuring shoppers are adequately informed about the environmental impact of products they buy,” said Consumers International director Anna Fielder .
The 10-country study surveyed product packaging in Britain. Western Europe, Scandinavia and the United States. It found that products sold in Germany and the United Kingdom made the most environmental claims on average.
The report focused on claims made by specific products , such as detergent (洗涤剂) insect sprays and by some garden products . It did not test the claims, but compared them to labeling guidelines set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in September, 1999.
Researchers documented claims of environmental friendliness made by about 2,000 products and found many too vague or too misleading to meet ISO standards.
“Many products had specially-designed labels to make them seem environmentally friendly, but in fact many of these symbols mean nothing,” said report researcher Philip Page.
“Laundry detergents made the most number of claims with 158. Household cleaners were second with 145 separate claims, while paints were third on our list with 73. The high numbers show how very confusing it must be for consumers to sort the true from the misleading.” he said.
The ISO labeling standards ban vague or misleading claims on product packaging, because terms such as “environmentally friendly” and “non-polluting” cannot be verified. “What we are now pushing for is to have multinational corporations meet the standards set by the ISO.” said Page.
31. According to the passage, the NCC found it outrageous that ______
A) all the products surveyed claim to meet ISO standards
B) the claims made by products are often unclear or deceiving
C) consumers would believe many of the manufactures’ claim
D) few products actually prove to be environment friendly
32. As indicated in this passage , with so many good claims , the consumers ___
A) are becoming more cautious about the products they are going to buy
B) are still not willing to pay more for products with green labeling
C) are becoming more aware of the effects different products have on the environment
D) still do not know the exact impact of different products on the environment
33. A study was carried out by Britain’s NCC to _______
A) find out how many claims made by products fail to meet environmental standards
B) inform the consumers of the environmental impact of the products they buy
C) examine claims made by products against ISO standards
D) revise the guidelines set by the International Standards Organization
34. What is one of the consequences caused by the many claims of household products?
A) They are likely to lead to serious environmental problems
B) Consumers find it difficult to tell the true from the false
C) They could arouse widespread anger among consumer
D) Consumers will be tempted to buy products they don’t need
35. It can be inferred from the passage that the lobby group Consumer International wants to ____.
A) make product labeling satisfy ISO requirements
B) see all household products meet environmental standards
C) warn consumers of the danger of so-called green products
D) verify the efforts of non-polluting products
Passage 4
   Two hours from the tall buildings of Manhattan and Philadelphia live some of the world’s largest black bears. They are in northern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, a home they share with an abundance of other wildlife.
   The streams, lakes, meadows (草地), mountain ridges and forests that make the Poconos an ideal place for black bears have also attracted more people to the region. Open spaces are threatened by plans for housing estates and important habitats (栖息地) are endangered by highway construction . To protect the Poconos’ natural beauty from irresponsible development, the Nature Conservancy (大自然保护协会) named the area one of America’s “Last Great Places”.
   Operating out of a century-old schoolhouse in the village of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, the conservancy’s bud Cook is working with local people and business leaders to balance economic growth with environmental protection. By forging partnerships with people like Francis Altemose, the Conservancy has been able to protect more than 14,000 acres of environmentally important land in the area.
   Altemose’s family has farmed in the Pocono area for generations. Two years ago Francis worked with the Conservancy to include his farm in a county farmland protection program. As a result, his family’s land can be protected from development and the Altemoses will be better able to provide a secure financial future for their 7-year-old grandson.
   Cook attributes the Conservancy’s success in the Poconos to having a local presence and a commitment to working with local residents
“The key to protecting these remarkable lands is connecting with the local community,” Cook said. “The people who live there respect the land. They value quiet forests, clear streams and abundant wildlife. They are eager to help with conservation effort.
For more information on how you can help the Nature Conservancy protect the Poconos and the world’s other “Last Great Places,” please call 1-888-564 6864 or visit us on the World Wide Web at www.tnc.org.
36. The purpose in naming the Poconos as one of America’s “Last Great Places” is to ________
A) gain support from the local community
B) protect it from irresponsible development
C) make it a better home for black bears
D) provide financial security for future generations
37. We learn from the passage that _______
A) the population in the Pocono area is growing
B) wildlife in the Pocono area is dying out rapidly
C) the security of the Pocono residents is being threatened
D) farmlands in the Pocono area are shrinking fast
38. What is important in protecting the Poconos according to Cook?
A) The setting up of an environmental protection website
B) Support from organizations like The Nature Conservancy
C) Cooperation with the local residents and business leaders
D) Inclusion of farmlands in the region’s protection program
39. What does Bud Cook mean by “having a local presence “ (Line 1, Para. 5)?
A) Financial contributions from local business leaders
B) Consideration of the interests of the local residents
C) The establishment of a wildlife protection foundation in the area
D) The setting up of a local Nature Conservancy branch in the Pocono area
40. The passage most probably is ________
A) an official document
B) a news story
C) an advertisement
D) a research report
Part III Vocabulary
41. A word processor is much better than a typewriter in that it enables you to enter and _______your text more easily
A) register       B) edit
C) propose       D) discharge
42. We don’t know why so many people in that region like to wear dresses of such ______colors
A) low                               B) humble
C) mild                              D) dull
43. The news has just _____ that the president is going to visit China next month
A) come down                         B) come  up
C) come out                           D) come about
44. The ______ that exists among nations could certainly be lessened if misunderstanding and mistrust were removed
A) tension                             B) strain
C) stress                              D) intensity
45. The other day , Mum and I went to St. James’s Hospital , and they did lots and lots of tests on me , most of them _____ and frightening
A) cheerful                            B) horrible
C) hostile                             D) friendly
46. In the Mediterranean seaweed is so abundant and so easily harvested that it is never of great _.
A) fare                               B) payment
C) worth                              D) expense
47. The writer was so ____ in her work that she didn’t notice him enter the room
A) absorbed                            B) abandoned
C) focused                             D) centered
48. Actually, information technology can ______ the gap between the poor and the rich.
A) link                                B) break
C) ally                                D) bridge
49. Some research workers completely ______ all those facts as though they never existed.
A) ignore                              B) leave
C) refuse                              D) miss
50. Computer power now allows automatic searches of fingerprint files to match a print at a crime ______.
A) stage                               B) scene
C) location                             D) occasion
51. The most basic reason why dialects should be preserved is that language helps to ______ a culture
A) retain                               B) relate
C) remark                              D) review
52. Companies are struggling to find the right _______between supply and demand, but it is no easy task
A) equation                             B) formula
C) balance                              D) pattern
53. Mass advertising helped to _______ the emphasis from the production of goods to their consumption
A) vary                                 B) shift
C) lay                                  D) moderate
54. Because of his excellent administration, people lived in peace and _____ and all previously neglected matters were taken care of.
A) conviction                            B) contest
C) consent                              D) content 
55. I know you’ve got a smooth tongue, so don’t talk me ______ buying it
A) away                                B) down
C) out                                  D) into
56. Showing some sense of humor can be a(n) _______ way to deal with some stressful situation
A) effective                             B) efficient
C) favorable                             D) favorite
57. The situation described in the report ______ terrible, but it may not happen
A) inclines                              B) maintains
C) sounds                               D) remains
58. The company is trying every means to ______ the wholesale price of its products
A) pull down                            B) put down
C) set down                             D) bring down
59. The mayor ______ the police officer a medal of honor for his heroic deed in rescuing the earthquake victims
A) rewarded                             B) awarded
C) credited                              D) prized
60. The native Canadians lived in _______ with nature, for they respected nature as a provider of life
A) coordination                           B)   acquaintance
C) contact                               D)   harmony
61. Many people are asking whether traditional research universities in fact have any future _______.
A) at all                                B) so far
C) in all                                D) on end
62. I was impressed _______ the efficiency of the work done in the company
A) in                                  B) about
C) with                                D) for
63. Now in Britain, wines take up four times as much ______ in the storehouse as both beer and spirits
A) block                              B) land
C) patch                              D) space
64. His hand shook a little as he _______ the key in the lock
A) squeezed                           B) inserted
C) stuffed                             D) pierced
65. For professional athletes, _______ to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history books
A) access                              B) attachment
C) appeal                              D) approach
66. In the long _________, the new information technologies may fundamentally alter out way of
A) view                               B) distance
C) jump                               D) run
67. All the arrangements should be completed _______ your departure.
A) prior to                             B) superior to
C) contrary to                          D) parallel to
68. We need to create education standards that prepare our next generation who will be _______ with an even more competitive market
A) tackled                             B) encountered
C) dealt                               D) confronted
69. In the late seventies, the amount of fixed assets required to produce one vehicle in Japan was ______ equivalent to that in the United States
A) rudely                              B) roughly
C) readily                             D) coarsely
70. Many people believe we are heading for environmental disaster ______ we radically change way we live
A) but                                 B) although
C) unless                               D) lest
Part IV Short Answer Questions
   We commonly think of sportsmanship in connection with athletic contests, but it also applies to individual outdoor sports. Not everyone who picks up a fishing rod or goes out with a gun is a sportsman. The sportsman first of all obeys the fish and game laws, not because he is liable to be punished as a violator, but because he knows that in the main these laws are made for his best interests.
   The following are some of the things that those who would qualify for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity (圈内人) will do.
1. Take no more game than the bag limit provided for by the fish and game laws. The person who comes back from a trip boasting about the large number of fish or game taken is not a sportsman but a game hog (贪得无厌的捕猎者) .
2. Observe the unwritten rules of fair play. This means shooting game birds only when the birds are “on the wing”. For the same reason, do not use a shotgun to shoot a rabbit or similar animal while it is sitting or standing still.
3. Be careful in removing illegal or undersized fish from the hook. This should be done only after wetting the hands. This is necessary because the body of the fish is covered with a thin, protective film which will stick to your dry hands. If the hands are dry when the fish is handled, the film is torn from the body of the fish. Without the protective film, the fish is more easily attacked by diseases. If you wish to release a fish that is hooked in such a way that it will be impossible to be close to the hook as convenient. In a remarkably short time, the hook will break down and the fish will remain almost unharmed. Fish have been known to feed successfully while hooks were still in their lips.
4. Be sure of the identity of your target before you shoot. Many useful and harmless species of wildlife are thoughtlessly killed by the uninformed person who is out with a gun to kill whatever flies within range.
S1. In what respect does the author think individual outdoor sports are similar to athletic contests?
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S2. A person who goes out fishing with a fishing rod or hunting with a gun is not necessarily _________.
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S3. What’s the most important thing a true sportsman should bear in mind when he goes fishing or hunting _______.
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S4.Those who violate the fish and game laws will not be ______ for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity.
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S5. What are people called when they break the bag limit and boast about their big catch?
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S6. A true sportsman will not shoot an animal which is not ______
S7. What are people advised to do before they remove illegal or undersized fish from the hook?
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
S8. What should sportsman do to avoid killing rare species of wildlife?
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
 ________  ________  ________  ________  ________
Part Ⅴ Writing
Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay in honor of teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day . you should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:
1、 向老师致以节日祝贺
2、 从一件难忘的事回忆老师的教诲和无私的奉献
3、 我如何回报老师的关爱

Part I   Listening Comprehension

1 D The tools the man borrowed from the woman are missing .
2 C Hand in the ring to the security office .
3 B Buy her own computer
4 D The man advises his daughter to think carefully before making her decision .
5 A The cinema is some distance away from where they are .
6 A He’s been to Seattle many times .
7 C Manager and office worker .
8 B She thinks the lecture might be informative
9 C A college campus
10 D The man is unwilling to take a look at the houses for sale
11 D Electricity
12 A  Air traffic conditions
13 B Carry little luggage
14 C At a county fair
15 A Avoid eating any food
16 B Behind his back
17 B Eating from the outside toward the middle
18 A Beauty
19 C It was thought a blood vessel in that finger led directly to the heart
20 B The two people can have time to decide if they are a good match

Part II  Reading Comprehension

21 C It will help reduce the nation’s oil imports
22 A believes that drilling for oil in ANWR will produce high yields
23 B it can do little to solve U.S. energy problems
24 C Don’t be too optimistic
25 A remains a controversial issue
26 B The words people use can influence their behavior
27 D treat their rivals as enemies
28 D He wet his gloves by rubbing them across his T-shirt
29 A deliberately throw the ball at anyone illegally blocking their way
30 c changing the attitude of players on the sports field
31 B the claims made by products are often unclear or deceiving
32 D still do not know the exact impact of different products on the environment
33 C examine claims made by products against ISO standards
34 B Consumers find it difficult to tell the true from the false
35 A make product labeling satisfy ISO requirements
36 B protect it from irresponsible development
37 A the population in the Pocono area is growing
38 C Cooperation with the local residents and business leaders
39 D The setting up of a local Nature Conservancy branch in the Pocono area
40 D a research report

part III   Vocabulary

41 B edit     42 D dull    43 C come out    44 A tension    45 B horrible
46 C worth  47 A absorbed  48 D bridge  49 A ignore  50 B scene
51 A retain  52 C balance  53 B shift  54 D content  55 D into
56 A effective  57 C sounds  58 D bring down  59 B awarded  60 D harmony
61 A at all  62 C with  63 D space  64 B inserted  65 A access
66 D run  67 A prior to  68 D confronted  69 B roughly  70 C unless

Part IV      Short Answer Questions
S1. Both of them are in common with sportsmanship
S2. a sportsman
S3. To obey the law.
S4. qualified
S5. A game hog.
S6. moving
S7. To wet their hands.
S8. They should know the identity of the target.



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